Filing A Claim



Claim Form


Kaiser Form



File a Claim:

Remember you will have a 30 day elimination period. Please don't try to file a claim until your elimination period is met. To get help from the Claims Department please call one of the following numbers:


  • Assurant Direct Line : (800) 733-7879  ask for claims department.
  • Pease direct your claims questions regarding Fortis Disability ins to:  Jennifer Panuco 800-451-4531 x8846
  • LosĀ Angeles County Group number : #34-189
  • Fax Cancellations directly to Assurant at: (888) 208-2323 AND to the WBAT office (562) 425-5141.

To file a claim you will need:

Please download the following forms:

  • Claim form
  • Kaiser Form

Please download Kaiser form if you are a member only.