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Your employer owns your insurance plan. Once you leave, they no longer have an insurable interest in you. So, in most cases, you lose your coverage. This means you may have to qualify for coverage at a time when perhaps because of advanced age or health conditions, qualifying could be difficult or costly. By owning your own insurance plan now, you can eliminate this worry plus you can continue coverage after you retire.

Being part of the sandwich generation means helping raise grand children while taking care of elderly parents. If this scenario sounds all-too-familiar to you, then you may be the bearer of the responsibility for final expense costs as well. Wouldn’t it be easier to pay low monthly rates to avoid paying all at once?


For a quote on 10, 15, 20 or 30-year term plan, fax or e-mail information.

*After term, policy owner pays new level premium.   

*Conversion to Universal Life or Whole life available.

*$15,000 children’s rider. $3.50 premium covers all children. Conversion is permitted for up to 5 times amount of coverage in force on the child.

*Non-med ages 0-50

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Amount of Insurance ($50,000 min) $_______________________ Term____________


DOB_____________ Sex M F Tobacco user? Y or N


Fax:(564) 425-5141 or; E-mail wbatrhonda@yahoo.com or wbatkaren@yahoo.com



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